Be present at SportEx and showcase your products and services live at the official exhibition of ECSS:
SportEx day ticket 50€
Exhibitor registration at reduced fee 150€
Show your dedication in science and research:
Organise your own satellite on the pre-congress day 10.000€
Organise one of the few workshops on the pre-congress day 6.000€
Organise one of the few workshops at INSEP 0TBD
Organise your own workshop on the exhibition stage (32 pax) 3.500€
Booth talk 2.000€
Launch your product through a tailor-made onsite event 0TBD
Promote your products/services through a video 3.000€
Support early career researchers in their career development:
Create your own scholarship/grant based on self-defined prerequisites e.g. 0
Be the official partner of our social events:
a congress coffee break 1.000€
a congress lunch 2.000€
the opening or closing reception 3.000€
the Bengt Saltin Run (5k charity run) 4.000€
the United Excellence in Sport Science 5.000€
Show your engagement with a specific scientific topic:
Present a plenary session 3.500€
Present an invited session 2.000€
Present an oral session 800€
Present a special interest group 2.500€
Present a satellite 2.500€
Promote your products and/or services trough official congress materials:
Commercial roll-up banner in venue hall way 2.000€
Your hashtag/URL/logo on congress poster boards 3.000€
Session room screensaver advert 1.000€
Congress badge 3.000€
Congress registration pass 1.500€
Congress bag 2.500€
Congress bag insert 1.500€
Congress pen 1.000€
Congress notepads 1.000€
Volunteer t-shirts 3.000€
Start/finish line banner at the Bengt Saltin Run* 750€
Promote your products and/or services across ECSS' platforms:
Final programme back cover 5.000€
Final programme advertisement print/online 2.000€
European Journal of Sport Science print advert 1.000€
European Journal of Sport Science ( web advert 750€
Newsletter banner advertisement 1.500€
Newsletter to all congress participants 3.000€
Strengthen and brand through additional online presence:
Present the official congress web app (for mobile devices and desktop PCs)* 2.500€
Present the official ECSS abstract search engine* 2.000€
Banner on all ECSS' participants accounts 1.500€
Banner on one-day's schedule 'Programme at a Glance' 500€
Banner on an ECSS congress webpage 2.000€
Two social media posts during the annual congress days across ECSS social media channels 800€
ECSS offers a range of partnership packages that will showcase your products and services to our international congress participants. Each package has a number of benefits, such as: high visibility, a connection with education, engagement with the scientific programme and in blended formats (i.e. print, digital and face to face). Please see sample packages below:
Congress Supporter Visibility Package 5.000€
Congress Supporter Educational Package 5.000€
Congress Bronze Partner Visibility Package 10.000€
Congress Bronze Partner Educational Package 10.000€
Congress Silver Partner 20.000€
Congress Gold Partner 30.000€