Become an ambassador for our College by becoming an ECSS Fellow

The next Fellowship application window will be from 15 February to 15 March 2024.

Fellows of the ECSS have made a significant contribution to the development of sport science through research and have supported the College immensely. ECSS Fellowship is approved by the Credentials, Awards & Tributes Committee, following an application process.

Applications can be submitted to and must include:

All applicants are kindly asked to also update their ECSS account details (incl. their main research area) in case they are outdated, as we will need this information (if the application is accepted) for our official Fellowship announcement and other communication channels.

Please note that according to the current ECSS bye-laws:

  1. Fellows who have not paid their membership fees for two consecutive years will lose their ECSS Fellow status.
  2. ECSS Fellows over the age of 70 will receive a free ECSS Fellowship (membership).

Expectations of ECSS Fellows:

Our main expectation of Fellows is to champion ECSS and be an ambassador for the College. This could incorporate some of the following activities which support the College’s mission:

Disseminate high quality, innovative science

Empower the development of young scientists

Build and retain an engaged ECSS community


  1. Fellow applications are collected by the ECSS office within the application window (February 15 – March 15).
  2. ECSS office ensures that the person fulfils all criteria.
  3. If the person fulfils all criteria, it will be viewed by the Credentials, Awards, and Tributes Committee consisting of the Past President, current President, and chair of the Scientific Board.
  4. The list of successful applicants is subsequently viewed by the Executive Board to complete the due diligence check.
  5. All successful Fellow applicants will be notified by the ECSS with a personalised certificate and signature banner inviting them to attend the upcoming congress.
  6. The database is updated and the new Fellow (when they have paid the annual membership) will appear on the ECSS website.

Please download the ECSS Fellowship Application Form here.

A list of our current Fellows can be found below:

Nr. Last name First name Institution Country
1. Aagaard Per University of Southern Denmark Denmark
2. Alcazar Julian University of Castilla-La Mancha Spain
3. Alegre Luis M. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Spain
4. Ali Ajmol Massey University New Zealand
5. Ara Ignacio University of Castilla-La Mancha Spain
6. Armstrong Neil University of Exeter United Kingdom
7. Askew Christopher University of the Sunshine Coast Australia
8. Bailey Stephen Loughborough University United Kingdom
9. Beato Marco University of Suffolk United Kingdom
10. Behm David Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada
11. Birklbauer Anita University of Salzburg Austria
12. Bishop David Victoria University Australia
13. Blazevich Anthony Edith Cowan University Australia
14. Bober Tadeusz Academy of Physical Education Poland
15. Bogdanis Gregory National & Kapodistrian University of Athens Greece
16. Bonato Matteo Università degli Studi di Milano Italy
17. Breen Leigh University of Birmingham United Kingdom
18. BROCHERIE FRANCK French Institute of Sport (INSEP) France
19. Brooks George University of California United States
20. Budde Henning Medical School Hamburg Germany
21. Burr Jamie University of Guelph Canada
22. Cable Tim Manchester Metropolitan University United Kingdom
23. Cabri Jan Luxembourg Institute of Research in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Science Luxembourg
24. Chen Trevor Chung-Ching National Taiwan Normal University Taiwan
25. Close Graeme Liverpool John Moores University United Kingdom
26. Collins Malcolm University of Cape Town South Africa
27. Csapo Robert University of Vienna Austria
28. Dela Flemming University of Copenhagen Denmark
29. Derave Wim Ghent University Belgium
30. di Prampero Pietro Enrico Università degli Studi di Udine Italy
31. Ditroilo Massimiliano University College Dublin Ireland
32. Doll-Tepper Gudrun Freie Universität Berlin Germany
33. Duda Joan University of Birmingham United Kingdom
34. Edwards Andrew Canterbury Christ Church University United Kingdom
35. Elbe Anne-Marie Leipzig University Germany
36. Faber Irene University of Applied Sciences Windesheim Netherlands
37. Federolf Peter University of Innsbruck Austria
38. Ferrauti Alexander Ruhr University Bochum Germany
39. Finni Taija University of Jyvaskyla Finland
40. Fiorenzo Moscatelli Univerisity of Foggia Italy
41. Franchi Martino University of Padova Italy
42. Froberg Karsten University of Southern Denmark Denmark
43. Galloway Stuart University of Stirling United Kingdom
44. Gehring Dominic University of Freiburg Germany
45. George Keith Liverpool John Moores University United Kingdom
46. González-Alonso José Brunel University London United Kingdom
47. Granacher Urs University of Freiburg Germany
48. Green Daniel The University of Western Australia Australia
49. Grimminger-Seidensticker Elke University of Paderborn Germany
50. Gruber Markus University of Konstanz Germany
51. Guadalupe Grau Amelia Castilla-La Mancha University Spain
52. Guilhem Gael French Institute of Sport (INSEP) France
53. Hamlin Mike Lincoln University New Zealand
54. Hanley Brian Leeds Beckett University United Kingdom
55. Havenith George Loughborough University United Kingdom
56. Hecksteden Anne Universität Innsbruck Austria
57. Hedenborg Susanna Malmö University Sweden
58. Helge Jørn Wulff University of Copenhagen Denmark
59. Hendricks Sharief University of Cape Town South Africa
60. Henriksson Jan Karolinska Institutet Sweden
61. Hettinga Florentina J Northumbria University United Kingdom
62. Hopkins Will Victoria University Australia
63. Hoppeler Hans University of Bern Switzerland
64. Jones Andrew Exeter University United Kingdom
65. Kamijo Keita Chukyo University Japan
66. Kilding Andrew AUT University New Zealand
67. Kippelen Pascale Brunel University London United Kingdom
68. Lamberts Robert Stellenbosch University South Africa
69. Lauber Benedikt University of Fribourg Switzerland
70. Leicht Anthony James Cook University Australia
71. Lucas Sam University of Birmingham United Kingdom
72. Lystad Reidar Macquarie University Australia
73. Maffiuletti Nicola Schulthess Clinic Switzerland
74. Malisoux Laurent Luxembourg Institute of Health Luxembourg
75. Mamen Asgeir Kristiania University College Norway
76. Mc Naughton Lars Edge Hill University United Kingdom
77. Meeusen Romain Vrije Universiteit Brussel Belgium
78. Mello Marco Tulio Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Brazil
79. Michaelides Marcos UCLAN Cyprus Cyprus
80. Misigoj Durakovic Marjeta Faculty of Kinesiology University of Zagreb Croatia
81. Morales-Álamo David Las Palmas University Spain
82. Mougios Vassilis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece
83. Mukherjee Swarup National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Singapore
84. Müller Erich University of Salzburg Austria
85. Mundel Toby Brock University Canada
86. Nagatomi Ryoichi Tohoku University Japan
87. Nassis George University of Southern Denmark Denmark
88. Nicol Caroline Aix-Marseille Université France
89. Paoli Antonio University of Padova Italy
90. Patriksson Goran Göteborg University Sweden
91. Pedersen Bente Klarlund Rigshospitalet Denmark
92. Périard Julien University of Canberra Australia
93. Peters Derek University of Worcester United Kingdom
94. Pfister Gertrud University of Copenhagen Denmark
95. Piacentini Maria Francesca University of Rome-Foro Italico Italy
96. Pilz-Burstein Rutie Sport- A Bridge To Education Israel
97. Platen Petra Institute of Sports Medicine and Sports Sciences Germany
98. Polman Remco Federation University Australia
99. Raastad Truls Norwegian School of Sport Sciences Norway
100. Roelands Bart Vrije Universiteit Brussel Belgium
101. Romann Michael Swiss Federal Institue of Sport Magglingen Switzerland
102. Saris Wim H.M. Maastricht University Netherlands
103. Seynnes Olivier Norwegian School of Sport Sciences Norway
104. Siu Parco The University of Hong Kong China
105. Sjøgaard Gisela University of Southern Denmark Denmark
106. Skorski Sabrina University of Saarland Germany
107. Steinacker Jürgen Michael Universität Ulm Germany
108. Stevens Christopher Southern Cross University Australia
109. Taube Wolfgang University of Freiburg Switzerland
110. Thompson Janice The University of Birmingham United Kingdom
111. Tilp Markus University Graz Austria
112. van Coppenolle Herman Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences Belgium
113. Van Lieshout Johannes Lab Clin Cardiovasc Physiol, Heart Failure Research Centre Amsterdam Netherlands
114. van Loon Luc Maastricht University Medical Centre Netherlands
115. van Mechelen Willem VU University Medical Center Netherlands
116. Vanhatalo Anni University of Exeter United Kingdom
117. Verdijk Lex Maastricht University Medical Centre Netherlands
118. Verhagen Evert VU University medical center Netherlands
119. Vicente-Rodríguez German University of Zaragoza Spain
120. Vogt Tobias German Sport University Germany
121. von Duvillard Serge P. University of Salzburg United States
122. Wagenmakers Anton Liverpool John Moores University United Kingdom
123. Wessner Barbara University of Vienna Austria
124. Wiewelhove Thimo IST University of Applied Sciences Germany
125. Willems Mark University of Chichester United Kingdom
126. Wiskemann Joachim National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Germany
127. Wong Del P. Hong Kong Metropolitan University Hong Kong