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Abstract-ID: 1184
Title of the paper: Research on Application of Institutional Repository in National Fitness
Authors: Xinhua, L., Qi, C., Zenliang, M., Han, Z., Zhuangchengdong, L.
Institution: China Institute of Sport Science
Department: Mass Sports Research Center
Country: China
Abstract text Introduction
Aim of this paper is to discuss how to apply institutional repository to national fitness programs, and provide repository-level support and service to national fitness.

Through referring to literature material and other methods, this paper gathered large amount of domestic and overseas literature materials about IR and national fitness, and discussed IRís application in national fitness.

Definition of institutional repository: Through analysis of abundant literature materials, this paper holds that, IR is a knowledge service system for academic institutions to capture, save, file, organize, process, and manage intellectual products created by their members, and provides open access, so as to realize the aim of permanent storage and wide spread for these digital objects. It can realize open access and long-term storage of digital resource at different degrees, promote academic exchange, and lift institutionsí academic status.
Aim of IRís application in national fitness: The aim is to enable PE teachers and sport researchers to create and formulate personalized exchange policy according to their own exchange need; it should also meet with worldwide sport expertsí demand for direct and fast exchange and communication. Meanwhile, it can also provide the body builders with relevant fitness instructions, suggestions, evaluations and strategies, etc.
Conditions for IRís application in national fitness: The conditions include specificity in subject, technicality in content, permanency in preservation, interoperability in searching, openness in operation and free of charge in acquisition.
Outlook for IRís application in national fitness: itís hopefully to realize function enrichment, organization federalization (Zhao et al., 2010), storage in cloud (Lyon et al., 2006), and service intellectualization (Chen et al., 2012).

Only by complying with the development need of extensive environment, sticking to features of the new-generation IR and further making its development goal clear, can a clear understanding be got for its development tendency in the future (Deng et al., 2009) and let it give play to its role in supporting digital scientific research and knowledge exchange in extensive national fitness, so that it can make active contribution to our life and health by providing good knowledge service and sharing.

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Topic: Sociology
Keyword I: Institutional repository
Keyword II: National fitness
Keyword III: Application